I am endlessly curious about life and the motivations that guide us. It is through observing and picturing the world around me that I come to an understanding of it. I use a variety of materials and instruments within photography to come to these visual understandings. I have involved print making, repetition and chance, high-end digital and old-school antique processes, and every format of film camera I can get my hands on, from 35mm to 8x10. For me, it isn’t so much about what I am using, as it is about what it is I am making and how that relates to what I have used to make it; a symbiotic process of cause and effect.

I find that the best way to answer my own questions is to make things until I understand. I recall  Alice Walker's words, “So much of the satisfying work of life begins as an experiment; having learned this, no experiment is ever quite a failure."