Liminal Umbra

Glass. Smoked, marked by time and by hand, aged, and all but destroyed.

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Photographs are at once literal and ambiguous; when made with a camera they are simply light reflected off an object onto a sensitized surface. For the reflection to exist the object must exist in space and time. However, no explanation comes with this moment taken out of context and out of life. I find this both liberating and frustrating. Reckoning with actual objects, places, and events to articulate our inner feelings, desires and truths can be problematic. 

These images remove the camera from the equation allowing me a more internal view of reality. I am still using light to record shadow but it is in a more elemental and hand-made way. These images were all made on glass. Some I made with a candle's smoke, others were made for me by time and circumstance. By making abstractions and treating them like photographs I am able to explore the shadowy threshold between photography and drawing, light and dark, entropy and rebirth.